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01-25-2011, 6:01 PM
Does anybody know who has the best looking drop down round mirror to clamp on the bars. Dont really want one but I was told I will get harrassed without one.

01-25-2011, 7:07 PM
Best looking is pretty subjective, but I like the CRG Lanesplitters.

They're small and clean looking, and they fold in for (gasp!) you guessed it: lanesplitting ease.


The Hindsight LS (Lane Split) Bar End Mirror was created by adding the folding / retractable feature to the original Hindsight. There are two primary benefits of the retracting bar end mirror—added clearance during tight riding conditions, and reduced width for bike storage. Simply pull in the bezel of the mirror to create additional clearance, then fold the bezel back out against its positive stop in the full open position and the sighting of the mirror returns perfectly to its rear vision position. The detent folding mechanism is calibrated to retract should the mirror contact an immovable object, thus allowing forward motion without disruption of steering control. The pivot of the hinge features a ball / spring detent which holds the mirror bezel in the full open or full retracted positions. The pivot also features dust rings that provide for years of maintenance free operation.

01-28-2011, 9:46 PM
Shit, you can get a small round clamp on at your local parts store for $10

01-29-2011, 8:10 AM
I looked it up to see if VA inspection laws were similar to the ones here in NC.

NC inspection, re. motorcycle mirrors:

8. Motorcycle rear view mirrors shall fail safety inspection if:
(G.S. 20-126)
(a) The mirrors are missing, broken, or cracked.
(b) The mirrors are not securely mounted.
(c) The mirrors will not hold a setting while vehicle is in operation.

In VA:

•Rigidity of mounting.
•Condition of reflecting surface.
•View of road to rear (Truck mirrors must extend at least halfway beyond edge of body) – (Visibility 200 feet to rear).

So basicly the same.
My point, they don't say anything about the size, shape, placement or original intent of said mirror.

I have passed inspection with a dental mirror, about the size of a nickle.
Picked one up at the flea market. Stainless, solid handle, not telescoping 5 bucks. Cut and thread it. drill and tap a small hole in the bars. Super clean!

My buddy Buzzard did someting sililar on his Savage.