View Full Version : Red Wing forks?

01-16-2011, 6:13 PM
So I've got a set of Red Wing front forks and literally know nothing about them, and cannot find any info anywhere. Anyone know anything about them or have any factory info on them?

04-11-2013, 5:01 PM
I have occasionally seen them on ebay all made in the 1970s. They appear to be racing forks and a cheaper version of the Ceriani's. They don't seem to sell as fast as the Ceriani's probably because they are always priced the same. There is a pair on there now and this is what the seller has to say;

New old Stock Red Wing Front Forks - These are 34mm complete with alloy upper and lower triple trees. Also includes the matching axle, I neglected to put it in the pictures. Made in the 1970s and in dry storage the last 40+ years. Overall length measures 33'' and distance between forks at the axle is 5&1/4''. Overall stem length is 10'' - Stem bearing surface is 6'' overall and Stem diameter is .750" Triple Trees are fully adjustable which allows you to adjust to desired front end height, by sliding the tubes up thru the trees. You could also mount a set of clip on bars above the trees this way. I had handlebar clamps custom made to fit these in 7/8. I will include a set with these forks.
Would be great on a vintage cafe racer, Street tracker, Vintage Motocross or competition race bike. Much cheaper than a Ceriani front fork.

They have been on there a while because they are priced at $400. I have to say they are pretty as hell but I don't know how they ride or if they are american made. They are item no. 221208344208 if you are interested in seeing the auction.

04-11-2013, 5:51 PM
Forgot one other thing. They are a Japanese Company and they use to make shocks as well back in the 70's. Its like with Ceriani, out of business and everything is listed as NOS (new old stock) if you happen to fine their parts on web sites. I bought a Triumph back in the 70's that had red wing shocks and Ceriani front end. My friend bought a triumph too with the Red Wing front end and I recall liking the way his looked and handled better. But we just used them as street bikes not as cafe racers. Ive seen their shocks listed as NOS for British, Jap and Harley Bikes. Im not sure about the front ends though but they were ahead of their time and still in demand..