View Full Version : SR250 - new tank new bars new life

01-04-2011, 4:09 PM

Its winter and I have nothing better to do than fiddle around with my bike, and I really like this set up!

I grabbed the tank off ebay, its from an old 70's yamaha enduro. They use basically the same style mounts as the stock SR tank, so with a bit of massaging its going to work out well. Also threw on a set of z bars that are about 4 inches lower than the old ones, and i love the new feel / look.

I've also been working on that oil tank under the seat. I cut the front off, removed all the oil lines and everything and its just a battery box now. Instead of the oil filler cap I installed my key switch too. Cleaned up the area quite a bit

01-04-2011, 6:03 PM
you have got to get pulled over on that thing all the time. looks sweet though.