View Full Version : Checking out this CB tomorrow and need some input

12-18-2010, 4:33 PM
I'm going to look at this:

and would like to know what the opinion is around here. Owner says the 830 kit was installed about a year ago and has maybe 5000 miles on it.
Blue book shows a cb750 and a 750k5 for that year and there's almost a $1000 difference in their values. How do you tell a k5 from non?

Does it look like a good enough deal to not walk even if he won't budge on price? I'm thinking about offering $1800

Any and all input is welcomed. I'll be selling my fire-breathing sport bike to get into this have to make sure I do it right. Thanks!

12-18-2010, 4:55 PM
I would look for something stock for cheaper. I only say this because any hot rodded bike is more prone to issues, and you don't know who did the work on that thing, if they really knew what they were doing, etc. You could be spending $2100.00 on someone else's fuck up.

You can get a very nice stocker for a fraction of that price.

That's just my opinion though. I don't buy modified motors for that reason.

12-18-2010, 5:09 PM
Yeah..... I just got a phone call that has me cooled off a bit, anyway.

"Oh I don't have the title with me. It's in Pensacola. I can give you a bill of sale and mail you the title....."

He got his dander up when I asked him the first time if he had a clear title in his name. Oh, well. Think I'm over it. I dunno....

12-18-2010, 5:23 PM
"Oh I don't have the title with me. He got his dander up when I asked him the first time if he had a clear title in his name.


that statement says it all. i would take a pass on this bike, just a gut feeling.......

12-18-2010, 6:45 PM
Man, SOHCOOL, I was readin' your mind when lookin' at this post (scary for you) :) and agree 100%... All too often, folks will hotrod an otherwise good 750 and totally screw it up... Old Sportys are tha' same way. I walk away from each. Oldmansporty, "Follow the Force"... If'n yer gut is floppin' there's a reason. :clap for you: Have fun out there. ~Squirts

12-19-2010, 12:32 AM
No title. no money. I have a 84 Harley Sportster setting in the corner because the guy said the title was at his mothers in another state and he would have this mother mail it to me. Never got the title and now we can not find him.

12-19-2010, 9:04 AM
My EX500 quasi-cafe job was without a key until I went and bought a new set because the dope I bought it from said he'd mail me the key. If EVERYTHING's not physically present AT THE MOMENT, I just won't do it.

I called him last night and said 'pass, thanks'. I dunno. Would've had to sell my beloved '03 Z1000 to finance the chop and more and more think I'm just not ready for that.
Thinking about attacking this in a different way, ie, accumulating parts (motor here, frame there) over time, building the chopper and applying for a 'custom built' title.

Thanks for the input, guys. I'll be lurking around here and probably posting questions here and there. Working my way through a natural progression- first bike was brand new off the showroom floor cause I never worked on bikes and didn't wanna have to think about it, second bike was my '03 Zed which has been worked on and modified quite a bit (thus some hands on education about electronically controlled bikes) and my '95 ninja fighter/cafe conversion has learned me the ways of carbs and what-not. Next in line is points/condensers and the like.

I will eventually build my CB750 chopper. Thanks to this little experience I now know that there's a big bore kit for it. Yeah!

12-19-2010, 2:39 PM
For parts it might have possibilities . . .

12-19-2010, 8:49 PM
Yeah that's not so much a good deal. Even with a title.

As far as aftermarket parts and big bores there are more than you can imagine.

12-29-2010, 5:06 PM
I don't believe nothing without a receipt. it's not a 836 without them ,like the" 883 with 1200 kit" song,if he can't prove it ,then it's just his word.....unless you ride it and it's a bat out of hell....just my 2 cents!

01-01-2011, 9:14 AM
Ya know, look for a running bike in not so good cosmetic condition. Obviously the guy spent some time making it look clean and now wants that to translate into $$$$$. And yeah, all CB guys say its an 836 or some other big bore when they sell.

Up here in MI you can find a solid old bike for $300. The motors are just about bullet proof so getting one running is not difficult no expensive, usually. And if you are gonna lose parts and chop the others then why pay good cash for clean looking stock parts?

01-01-2011, 11:03 AM
Not worth $2100 imo