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09-13-2009, 1:17 AM
Hey Guys,

I'm trying to help my buddy figure out what the heck is going on with his new bike. We just drove out 70 miles today to pick up a '79 Bonnie 750, and I helped him ride it home. about 68 miles on the way back the bike sputters, backfires, and dies on the highway.

We got the bike towed home and after going through it discovered that it was running on an electronic ignition. I believe it is this E.I. kit:


So, i heard some rattling in the "Amplifier", and we cracked it open and it looks like a piece of it broke off. So after trying to figure out what to do now....i'm kinda lost. Does the "Amplifier" on the E.I. replace the reg/rec on a regular setup? I was looking for condensers, regulator, rectifier, but didn't find any of that.

Anyone know how this system works? Does the Amplifier unit act like the reg/rec on a points setup?

here's a pdf

Thanks dudes

09-13-2009, 1:35 AM
I wasn't able to open the pdf file . But I did look at the pic on the web site . I don't see anything that would replace the recifier and Zenior diode .
Is the bike stock ? If so look under the seat on the right side of the air box . That is were the Zenior Diode is then the recifier is between the coils I do beleive it is under the plate behind the battery . The capacitor is behind the left side cover next to the flasher , it bolts to the airbox .

It sounds like the battery lost power . If it goes below 11.5 VDC the ignitor will not work .

If he plans on really riding it I would go back to points or better yet a MAG . I never liked electrnic ign. because when it fails you are stuck !

09-13-2009, 10:08 AM
I run a tympanium always when runnign a E.I. ,However I am starting to believe a MAg is the way to go The E. I . are starting to be a pain ....Battery could be low too I just had that problem on my bike and it just popped and died also ....Check the voltage on the battery too ...

09-13-2009, 12:11 PM
i use a 4pin ign module out of a late 70s gm hei distributor. i used the pickup coil and modified reluctor from 86 toyota pickup to trigger it. works great and will run on half the voltage that a boyer needs.
here is a link to the mod:

this took a little more work to make it fit the triumph but it does fit.

props to mrriggs over there, he is a smart motherfucker.

09-13-2009, 6:29 PM
That is a Lucas / Rita system, when they are good they are ok once and-a-while but the amps will fail.
it has nothing to do with the rectifier/ regulator circuit,
you can piece it back together with used parts or swap it out for a Boyer, or save up some coin for a Hunt magneto but eather way you got some work to do.