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12-12-2010, 5:26 PM
Hi, thought I would post a thread showing my first bike I worked on(though that was 4 bikes ago)..

This is the earliest pic I got of it and the only thing Ive done is moved the seat down and rear, wired the lights, and installed a Volvo Amazon lens in the bucket..


Then to get it on the road I had to do something about those tires so I bought new tubes and went to a junkpile outside a tyreshop and piked up two tires that was okay and painted a whitewall on the rear.. Also fabbed up a simple rearbrake lever and linkage.


Thought it looked a little lame so I shortened the rear fender, added a bicycle frontlight as rearlight, fabbed up new bar(ugly as shit, I know) and made my own seatpan..


Rode it like that for a while, but then I bought a really cheap 200cc 4-stroke dirtbike and thought that it would be alot funnier with the dirtbike engine in the Rex so I used the old crowbar to get it in there!

While I was at it I fabbed up a chaintensioner out of a skateboard wheel, made a much nicer looking brakelever and used a chain as linkage, used the old bars but flipped them upside down, welded and old bicycle pedal to the kicker, fabbed up a "saddlebag" out of an old can and hid all the electrics in there, painted most of the engine black and made a cool motive on the tank..






Then I rode the shit out of it offroad (no title and no mc license) and unfortunately sold it, as I got a great offer.. The guy who bought it is a good friend of mine who have promise to contact me before he sells it!

Hope you guys enjoy and it fits the forum..

12-13-2010, 4:02 PM
Love the old timey inverted fork! That's tha' makings of a cool li'l bob job. :)