View Full Version : XS650 Transmission question

12-09-2010, 1:26 AM
Alright complete beginner on this and historically a bad mechanic.
Reassembling the motor. Tried to shift it and only got it to shift twice.
Checking the manual it shows the selector drum having the dot on the selector drum pin being upward to the front of the motor. Imagine a 5 pointed star. According to the manual's illustration the dot would be on the arm of the star to the right of the top point if you were looking straight at it. (Yes I know, thats the same type of explanation as making engine noises to a mechanic to try and explain a problem. If anyone reading this has the Haynes manual Im talking about page 55 Fig 1.12). On mine it is on the bottom right leg and wont go upwards any further.
The selector claw grabs nicely but when I shift I only get two clear gear changes.
When placing the engine halves together it seemed that the gears had to be a certain way for the cases to close completely so I assumed that it was in correctly. But again I only get 2 gears not 2nd 3rd and 4th like the manual says.

So are the gears supposed to be a certain position when placed in the cases so that the selector forks place properly. The manual says to check gear selection before closing the cases but I'm missing the boat on that obviously.

How do you check gear selection before closing the cases and using the gearchange claw?

Should the marker dot on the selector drum be one more click up or does it not matter?

I added a quick video clip to my blog to better illustrate what I'm gibbering about.