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12-07-2010, 3:46 PM
I dont know why ive slacked with posting pics of my triumph. I havnt talked much about it either. This past spring i was bouncing the idea about a triumph chopper. Ive seen countless bikes in mags/internet that were kinda the same style. Not that theres anything wronge with it but the rigid tail on a stock frame with stock tank on a unit 650.But its been done so many times you really gotta come correct with one to make people like it. I remember being young and my fathers friends had some long ass choppers, tearing it up all the time. I wanted one of those.You know, real dangerous. So i started. I scored a rigid frame of unknown origin from new mexico. Claimed it to be a trump frame. Wrong! The only thing i could tell you is it was long. No mounts of any kind. Just a bunch of speed holes in the seat area. After what seemed like 4 days of sanding i had the frame down to bare. After scouring the internet for an engine for weeks, I found one within 5 mikes from home. A 1970 650 unit. In need of a rebuild. Cheap. About a week later i came into another one. Cheap. So i chose the one i was going to use and brought that one to the local triumph guru in my area for a rebuild. In the mean time i scored a sweet 10 over fury girder, An alien style gas tank and a nice oil tank. I sent the gas tank to Chicago Chris and the frame and oil tank went to another friend for paint. Chris asked me what i wanted and i told him a bad trip. And the "Mescaline machine was born....more to come

12-07-2010, 3:55 PM
I also used a chain tensioner from monstercraftsmen. Awsome piece by the way. The original plan was to use a chrome front fender for the rear with a 7metal fender strut. But it kinda looked flimsy so another phone call was made to dan at 7metal and one of his dope ass hand made aluminum joints was shipped out pronto. Thanks again Dan. So here is a shot of how it sat with the shitty fender. Some geek was riding through my kitchen wtf?

12-07-2010, 9:25 PM
fuckin bad ass I love that springer and i agree with using a front fender for a rear, Im doing it in lue of no money for another. Man thats a hell of a rake. Plain scary. how much you pay for your front end>? its friggin sweet. Let me know if you need any parts or want to get rid of any!- olskewl

12-09-2010, 11:43 AM
I dig it to the most, keep the updates rollin. Thanks

12-09-2010, 4:08 PM
That drunk lazy ass wont post any updates till it's finished if even then. :cheersmate:

12-16-2010, 9:01 PM
Drunk lazy ass? At least my frame is straight. Why does your back bone look like a twizzler?

12-17-2010, 4:18 PM
Drunk lazy ass? At least my frame is straight. Why does your back bone look like a twizzler?

Hey man thats not cool, my frame has scoliosis. It's a medical problem.

12-19-2010, 1:09 PM
MEDICAL CONDITION , Idont have a drinking problem idrink get drunk fall down , no problem

nice frame linkbelt even though its got sclorolisis or whatever:cheersmate:

12-19-2010, 8:50 PM
Hey ShovelEd, what are you doing? I bet your taking a nap on the bean bag chair with a beer in your hand. :D

12-23-2010, 9:35 PM
Merry christmas fuck stick.