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11-25-2010, 1:10 AM
busy working away to pay bills. I know my educated dad looked forward to his pay raise

every year, and every year he was disappointed. So he would go back to school to earn more

qualifications so he could get another raise, but again, it would be another
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The question I often ask people is, "Where is this daily activity taking you?" Just like

the little hamster, I wonder if people look at where their hard work is taking them. What

does the future hold?
Cyril Brickfield, the former executive director of The American Association of Retired

People, reports that "private pensions are in a state of chaos. First of all, 50 percent
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of the workforce today has no pension. That alone should be of great concern. And 75 to 80

percent of the other 50 percent have ineffective pensions that pay $55 or $150 or $300 a

In his book The Retirement Myth, Craig S. Karpel writes: "I visited the headquarters of a
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major national pension consulting firm and met with a managing director who specializes in

designing lush retirement plans for top management. When I asked her what people who don't
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have corner offices will be able to expect in the way of pension income, she said with a
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confident smile: "The Silver Bullet.'