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11-25-2010, 1:08 AM
" 'What,' I asked, 'is The Silver Bullet?'
"She shrugged, 'If baby boomers discover they don't have enough money to live on when

they're older, they can always blow their brains out.'" Karpel goes on to explain the

difference between the old Defined Benefit retirement plans and the new 401K plans which

are riskier. It is not a pretty picture for most people working today. And that is just

for retirement. When medical fees and long-term nursing home care are added to the

picture, the picture is frightening. In his 1995 book, he indicates that nursing-home fees

run from $30,000 to $125,000 per year. He went to a clean no-frills nursing home in his
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area and found the price to be $88,000 a year in 1995.
Already, many hospitals in countries with socialized medicine need to make tough decisions
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such as "Who will live and who will die?" They make those decisions purely on how much
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money they have and how old the patients are. If the patient is old, they often will give

the medical care to someone younger. The older poor patient gets put to the back of the

line. So just as the rich can afford better education, the rich will be able to keep
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themselves alive, while those who have little wealth will die.
So I wonder, are workers looking into the future or just until their next paycheck, never
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questioning where they are headed?