View Full Version : Ignition Problems

11-21-2010, 8:32 AM
Ground up custom with 100" Revtech motor.

The ignition went dead on me a little while back. I replaced the plugs, wires, and the module with a TP Engineering HI-4 module. It started up fine with the new ignition.

A week or two later, I go to start her up and the negative battery post starts smoking and she won't turn over. No big deal, just a little corrosion. So I cleaned up the connection. Now it doesn't get hot.

But now the bike doesn't start. I don't know if the hot ground had anything to do with it. I pulled the nose cone cover and the new ignition's LED light doesn't turn on at all.

What could be the reason as to why I'm going through modules like this? Is the bad ground causing this?

11-22-2010, 11:25 PM
Power goin to the coil and module?

11-24-2010, 10:58 AM

1. Do I have 12v at the battery?
a. Ohm meter says 12.4v and I am good to go.
b. Test light ~ Is a soldered up light bulb with 2-alligator clips on some long wires so you can run the bulb from the battery up to the head light an shit you be looking in dare for smoke. :D

2. Does my fuse have integrity?
a. Test is me light right here is hand me that fuse is me prongs are set on one fuse leg. I then tag the [other] fuse leg to either battery post. I then tag the alligator clip to the other battery post I have a light?
b. I then smack a bulb that is in question like a thin hair of a fuse that broke off at an end you cannot see through the looking glass you run old style fuses like a Luca 32a paper wrap around fuse say for argument sake.
c. So, did you see that test bulb check for a bulb filament you run one line down that jobber [fuse-bulb-key on-other tests using a tail light or winker bulb] of said voltage; testing for smoke?

3. Where do I go from here?
a. We need to see if we have a bad ground.
b. We need to find a wire out of a socket.
c. We need to find a socket not plugged into the other socket.

These are your surface trouble-shoots is a shot in the dark I have no clue. But here is what you need to do. We check each wire from one end to the other and see if something is broken in between we use an ohm meter or something as simple as a battery and light bulb being the resistor not direct from the battery, we use no fuse or bulb? No-no-no or smoke the house down is dare you go.