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11-02-2010, 3:16 PM
Hey guys im looking to start a project lookin to build a triumph with a bobber bar hopper feel to it. What should i look for in a donor bike? Trying to find something titled just so i dont have to have that headache with the mva. What models are best? Any suggestions on where to better educate myself books, vids, sites etc. Ive always wanted to build a triumph since seeing old pics of my grandfather on his trumpet chopper.

I read alot here to try to learn but somethings just arent clicking hah. I hear alot of "pre unit" and not sure what that means. Any input would be great. This is not gonna be a fast build just something of a project for myself i currently ride a sportster.

11-02-2010, 3:52 PM
first you need to assess what your capable of rebuild and fabrication wise, and what your cost frame is. most common for a chop is anything pre OIF (oil in frame). pre unit means seperate motor and tranny (they are one "unit" on later models). If you cant rebuild the motor yourself then factor that into the cost, because i personally never trust an engine, no matter what the miles are or what some geezer tells you....I would also make an account on the jockeyjournal and read read read, there is a plethora of brit bike info over there. If you cant weld or do any basic fabricating yourself, then hardtailing a bike and all that jazz is gonna be quite the ordeal....so its good to get an idea from the get go of what you can and cant do, or just be like me and buy a welder and basket cases and dive in :)

my .02

11-02-2010, 4:44 PM
Yeah pretty much just gonna dive right in. haha. I think im pretty capable of figuring it out i have done some motor work and workin on bikes isnt exactly new to me. Most of my experience is with dirt bikes and sport bikes tho.My welding isnt horrible but not pretty at all so that will be a challenge but thats part of the fun right!

Thanks for clearing up the pre unit ? I have done some reading on the oil in frames but ive heard and read the frame rails are kindof brittle. Is this a known thing or just an opinion? I would want some stretch in the ass end so the plan would be to run a oil tank rather than go thru the frame regardless.

Really appreciate the reply. Right now im just trying to get my head around the idea and figure what i want as i search craigslist and egay.