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10-14-2010, 2:47 PM
hey guys like the site has been helpfull in my build so far so i decided to join and converse and learn more!

I am currently rebuilding a 1972 oif frame homemade shit pile hardtail that some one took the orginal top part of rear frame and bent it down to the swing arms and called it a rigid. lame. but I did ride it all summer.

I recently picked up my guess is 66 or 7 real hardtail and cleaned it up and a brand new springer and so on and so forth.

question: how hard is it to mount the 72 triumph double leading front wheel to a stock length springer? i allready turned down the axle, its 3" wider to go on the springer with out putting the rockers on the inside. I could have but the brake linkage was in the way. I guess main thing is has any one done it yet? I found one bike, 1 BIKE! after searchin for weeks, it was a tanish brown and white. BUT he didnt use a 72, it was older, and he had a intresting brake stay mounted to the springer rocker. intresting but still doesnt solve my problem.

I dont think any one has ever done it in the history of man. i hope I am the first, cause it will look sweet.

i have my orginal front end but its got a blown shock seal. With a springer hopefully ill never have to replace and front end shit again. Just kepp it clean.

thanks and look forward to talking to you known it alls, cause i am starting the need for knowledge!:killerjob: