View Full Version : ATF for 71' TR6C Primary

08-24-2010, 11:15 AM
I read all the ATF in primary threads that I could find and I've heard it's ok and NOT ok after 1970. The primary "seems" to be sealed off from the engine compartment, but I'm no expert. The manual calls for three types of oil.(engine, primary, trans) If it isn't sealed off, why wouldn't it call for only two types of oil? Could someone clarify, for I'm easily confused.

08-24-2010, 1:24 PM
take your primary cover off, you will see 3 tiny little holes under/behind your alternator to the right of your crank sprocket.
these are the breather holes, you need to seal them up with a good gasket maker or the atf will pour into your crank case. Right stuff is the best, get it at pep boys. Make sure you have a seal behind your crank pulley, and you have to make a breather system for your crank case. pull the timing inspection plug and use that to make a breather.

08-24-2010, 5:25 PM
First ask yourself if AFT in a automatic trans takes out clutch packs? No they don't. So, would ATF work in the clutch section of oil used? Yes.

How about the gear box? Are there planetary gears that mesh and sheer oil and hold up for 1000's of miles in the family box of door slammers? Yes, don't lie to yourself.

So, have we eliminated 2 oil cavities that will last and last you run ATF in a gear or clutching situation you have to make a choice is listen to some manual or follow your nose you see automatic transmissions with the same bike parts all busted up hanging out on the side of the road with dripping throttle body pan can you tell I'm a full on ATFan?

What do you think is in the gear box now? 1/2 ATF 1/2 Gear oil. And you see me rebuilding gear boxes or has that trans just performed flawlessly is OEM all the way... OK, most of it is not, "Ted'Did Wee-Twin-ized."

08-25-2010, 10:43 AM
The only problem with making your breather out of your timing plug is every time the pistons go up you crank case takes a breath in and can suck in dirt. MAP cycle makes a cool kit that allows pressure out but blocks the the intake of air, much like a PCV valve.
unless you are making you engine an open primary belt drive why would you block off the proven crankcase venting system that 1970 and later motors have. they work great.
A little ATF in the engine oil won't hurt a thing. it will actually clean out some shit, so just drain out the ATF re-fill it with engine oil and forget about it.