View Full Version : 650 Triumph clutch "popping" noise

08-24-2010, 8:39 AM
When I pull the lever there is a very loud "pop" somewhere in the basket. (sometimes 2 "pops") I had this issue before and bought new springs and the upgraded pushrod kit from Trumpnut. It went away for a while but, it's back! Any suggestions ? Thanks, Kyle

08-24-2010, 8:39 AM
71' tr6c

08-24-2010, 8:55 AM
Pretty sure your cable is pulling too much at the lever where it connects. making the little balls in there slip past their respective pockets which is making a clicking sound. Re-adjust your cable as per the manual. Start at the primary side push rod nut, then the adjuster at the cable on timing side, then the hadlebar adjuster.( I think thats the order) Wes White explains this 100 times better in english 101. Im definitely no expert, but that should be all you need. Im sure someone on here will be less retarded with the explanation.

08-29-2010, 9:15 PM
Yup, that is correct! You need to start over on the clutch adjustment. Don't adjust out soo much on top of the trans and adjust more on the clutch lever.