View Full Version : Southern California beers, bikes, and bullshit

01-19-2019, 9:00 AM
A few friends and I get together in the shop every now and again for exactly what the title says.... beers, bikes, and bullshit.

Would be good to get a local group together to shake some hands and tell some lies. I'm not one to only allow people that ride a certain brand motorcycle... this would be an event open to ALL bikes makes and models, and anyone who started their purist bullshit would be asked to leave.

Anyone else feel like joining in on the shit we will be having another get together at a local brewery in the coming weeks. I'll post up the place and depending in if we get any interest I may continue posting locations.

Mainly this is centered in San Diego area however every now and then the trips go up north, down into mexico, or even just into my shop when the weather sucks.

Have a great one to all and keep the rubber side down!