View Full Version : 32T spocket issue

08-01-2018, 8:40 AM
Ok ya'll I've got one I've not seen before. Customer came in with his Daytec framed homebuilt which needs a ton of work. Upon removal of the primary we found the mainshaft spocket nut was void of its requisite lock plate. Ordered a new one (Harley part:40251-92 which should fit 85-99 Evo). Well it don't fit! Center hole to lock plate flate is 5/16". The sprocket is only 1/8 "! See pic. 32T sprocket on stock 5 speed circa 1991 since the motor number sez its from a 1991 FXSTS. The other tech ran a bolt with green lock tight but that's not sitting right with me. He also told me that's the standard way which also sounds suspect. Anyone know of a lock plate or is this the correct procedure.

08-01-2018, 7:50 PM
That is the way they were, unless you change the pulley or drill and tap that one he has for the lock, you have a drill press and tap set dont you? Fix it right!