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10-09-2017, 9:18 PM
Hello all. New to the forum and looking for new ideas. Since I prefer a more modified look over stock I figured I'd join a place that shares the same idea. Here is my 07 Triumph America. I'm looking into purchasing brass grips for it although I cannot find a set that was meant for Triumph (without the throttle loops for Harley)



10-09-2017, 11:17 PM
I have a ton of experience in restoration and customizing vintage British as well as the modern NEW Nortons
but I cant give any direct advice on chopping that, but there is a lot of examples out there if you do some image
searches. MOST people are going Cafe style with those and there is more parts support for that.

IMHO that IS a pretty attractive bike as is,, so plan ahead, do your research before you jump in too far.
But it has a lot of similarities to modern Evo Sporties. Start thinking outside the box on ideas instead of just
bolting on somebody elses merchandise. As to brass grips,,?? WTF? They MIGHT look cool but only when parked
I have tried some customer bikes that had metal type grips or crazy chopper bling and they are painful to ride with
any distance. I fitted some to customer bikes that they opted for against my advice. They all regretted it
but hey,,! Its all a learning curve and do what makes you happy. Good luck with the project!

10-09-2017, 11:32 PM
Thank you for the input on the grips.
For some reason I thought maybe brass grips/pegs would look awesome on it, but I have no experience with heavy grips so thank you for setting that straight for me.

I was thinking about mocking up Sporty shocks on it to lower the back a little. I can't justify spending $269 just to lower the rear end with the traditional Progressive shocks.

I can't café this bike since it naturally has a good amount of rake to it. It's not as linear as a traditional Bonneville and it already has forward controls. Plus café is too hard on my posture to ride for very long.

10-10-2017, 2:58 AM
Well nice brass accents CAN look good on a bike in certain cases,, done some bobbers with a little brass bling and looked good. Got a cafe project going together this winter,, 1970s OIF Triumph 750 and doing it all in Black and Gold, which ironically is local club colors for Brother speed MC,, but in my case its a cafe racer done up with JPS livery. JPS Sponsored some teams back in the day, cars and MC and they looked really cool in my book.

But there is a reason pegs and handgrips tend to be large, soft and squishy, just like a good 'ol lady. Also why they tend to put rubber isolaters in the bar mounts, and some use a product called "Bar snakes" to dampen vibration. Long rides peoples hands tend to go numb and tingly,, especially old farts like me.

Do some careful mockups before you go crazy on swapping shocks and spending money. NEW performance shocks are stupid expensive, but a few of them are worth every penny. (Not all). Many stock shocks ride like shit. I have a few friends that raced back in the day and they each complained about how bad sporties handle. They each did work to make them handle better. And a variety of methods,, but in each case better shocks and progressive front fork springs were part of the program. Idea is have fun and perform better (Not just looks),,, Been a long history of people adding bad ideas just for looks and while some suffer thru it most regret making their bikes handle worse.
Myself I could NEVER understand putting struts in the place of the shocks on a swing arm bike (Call me crazy).

Choppers are cool and there ARE some cool new frames,, maybe consider buying a aftermarket chop frame, keep your stock stuff in case you want to go back and install just your motor and some parts on a cool rigid frame?

Have you considered a street tracker style? 79198791997920079201

10-10-2017, 7:53 AM
If you want to bob it, get out the hacksaw and forget the brass grips.


10-10-2017, 10:34 AM
Here's one I built from a wreck several years ago. I priced the front end parts to repair it and decided to put a 39 mm Harley fork and 21" wheel on it. These aren't skinny bikes, but I tried to keep it as skinny as possible. Rear fender got the hacksaw treatment and Lucas style tail light.


10-25-2017, 8:57 PM
Just to update. New XL keystone bars and I went with 04+ sportster shocks. 1.5" shorter than my oem shocks.

https://preview.ibb.co/dPi2Fm/20171025_143013.jpg (https://ibb.co/czqSgR)

https://preview.ibb.co/cnjbam/20171025_143107.jpg (https://ibb.co/h354T6)

10-29-2017, 3:06 PM
How does it ride with the Sporty shocks and how's cornering clearance?

10-30-2017, 7:44 PM
How does it ride with the Sporty shocks and how's cornering clearance?

Rides very close to my factory shocks. I'm honestly not sure which rides better, obviously cornering will need to be a little easier than the previous shocks. As far as driveability it's honestly very good.