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08-26-2017, 3:13 PM
I got my new 79 flh up on the lift and am starting to go thru it some. So I am starting with cleaning the carb, an s&s super e.

I took the carb apart and cleaned out all the little passages and everything. I am going to replace the accelerater pump diaphram because if is all messed up, flat on one side and just looks bad. Im getting all new gaskets and orings and springs too just because why not. The small ball bearings were gunked up and there was a little gunk in the bowl but not bad.

So I just got this bike and ive been riding it around town with the old ass gas in it and I drained the tank after I saw what looked like dog piss in the carb.

So the questions are 2 things. What do yall think of the jets. they are 64 and 295. exhaust is cycleshack 2-1 and s&s k&n type air cleaner with dyna s ignition.
second question, the plug is removed. Should I get a new plug or leave it open. What is the point of removing the plug?

Any other S&s super e things I should do or know

then the other question is about the intake. It is s&s 158 and it has a notch on the head side at the end, there is also a notch on the head and there was a o-ring where the two pieces meet then a metal clamp with no rubber band or anything. It just seems like something is missing here. Can I use the rubber oring with a rubber band over the top of it? also the clamps are in bad shape so I plan to get new clamps anyway.

The motor is a 76 and I think the intake is the style for a 79

Please advise

08-28-2017, 6:17 AM
This site is pretty good to give you a general feeling for what would be the normal jetting range for a given carb and engine sie.

Also a heads up. The super e seems to be sensitive to old gas so if you havn't ran the bike for a few weeks and it's acting up. It's worth draining the carb bowl and get some fresher gas from the tank in there. Seems it goes bad faster in the bowl than the tank.

08-28-2017, 7:12 PM
great thanks man, I think I will order a 68 main to try. It seems like the go to jet.

08-30-2017, 10:31 AM
Old gas is always bad news.. we do offer rebuild kits for these, give our tech guys a call and they can point you in the right direction. (it's free!!) 866-244-2673