View Full Version : Oil Tank Question

08-24-2017, 7:17 AM
I'm considering building a round oil tank for my shovel. My question is, would it be better to build it out of brass or copper? I know the copper is softer and easier to work with, it also corrodes faster. I haven't really heard about anyone building one out of brass and I'm just kinda wanting to weigh my options.

08-24-2017, 6:27 PM
Neither brass or copper are highly resistant to vibration and would be prone to cracking if the bike is seriously ridden unless you use thick stock.

Since you'd be doing it for the color and for no virtue of the metal itself, consider steel or aluminum with a coating you like to give it whatever cuprous color you want. Aluminum medical oxygen cylinders are thick enough to weld bungs to and the long ones could be cut to length.

There are lots of articles and paints available to attractively simulate brass/copper patina or plain brass or copper. You could clear 2K coat over those.

You can get copper color powder coat too, likely the best choice for an oil tank.

08-25-2017, 4:57 AM
Ok, thanks for the input. I knew about the powder coating. I just don't like the square oil tank and am trying to decide as to what I want to do. I've made one for my sons sportster out of a small fire extinguisher before, so the oxygen cylinder is a possibility.