View Full Version : Springer Handlebar Adapter?

08-15-2017, 9:46 AM
Ive been searching everywhere for the handlebar adapter for the OEM Springer top-tree produced by V-Twin and cant find one anywhere. Seems like the ones for the DNA front ends are around but not for the OEM tree. Not sure why the DNA ones wont work, but it specifically says it doesnt.

Any other alternatives besides having one made?



08-15-2017, 9:59 AM
Just did a quick search at TCBros and their adapter. They say it won't work with the OEM Harley because the OEM uses larger diameter riser bolts. Sounds like it may be a case of the adapters having smaller holes drilled in them. Not sure how much material is there and if its enough to open the hole up safely to fit. They may give you that warning not because it would weaken it too much, but because their kit comes with hardware too, and that would be too small to use. I'd give them a call and ask if you can open up the holes safely and buy your own hardware to fit.

08-22-2017, 8:04 AM
Thanks Rick, Ill give it a try.