View Full Version : Looking to build another one now ,, since the XS build is done

07-26-2017, 5:43 AM
Well,, now the bug has me in its clutches. Since the XS is done and all legal I am contemplating another project to do.
I'm a kinda small guy tho but I do wanna cruise so I'm thinking an old sporty,, Mebbee monoshock it,, keep it low.
Have no idea what platform I will get though,,,just bouncing shit around in my head of what I really wanna put together vs what the wallet says I can do.

07-26-2017, 8:27 AM
i see you have drank the koolaid and survived
the addiction is just beginning
wait till you are away from bikes for awile
and see how the withdrawals are

07-26-2017, 4:50 PM
^^^^^ This ^^^^^

I tried to do cars, dressers, and am back with an old Panhead.

I love Sportsters, particularly the old kick start bikes. The great thing about a Sporty is lots of power, tons of parts, and they just look cool as heck.

07-30-2017, 5:58 PM
Nice bang for limited bucks and easily adapted to short riders are later Evo Sportsters, and one way to hunt deals is watch Craigslist since you aren't shopping hungry. Avoid Ironheads. They look cool but most on the market are old and "tore up from the floor up" by mongoloid, neglectful owners. Evo Sporties cured everything that killed Ironhead sales and you can find good running Evos cheaper than going through an Ironhead engine.

A monoshock isn't usually conducive to low seat height when fitted to an HD because of dat rear cylinder fighting it for space, but Hugger parts are cheap used.

XS 650 = good because they are rugged and practical. Make your next build from another proven practical base since you presumably want to ride instead of flushing cash down a money toilet.

I like Honda Shadows for a nice practical ride with decent rear suspension. I don't own one but those I worked on were good machines. They mainly came in the shop for is carb cleanings etc when owners let them sit.