View Full Version : 73/77 sporty rear disc setup

07-25-2017, 12:07 AM
I am looking for advice on this rear brake setup i'm trying to sort right now. I'm running an old hurst airhardt caliper on a single 9" disk in the rear with a star master cylinder. After disassembling and cleaning everything I still have scary bad braking power. I haven't been able to source a rebuild kit for the caliper on account of hurst being long out of business. I'd like to just go ahead and replace the caliper and master with modern parts, but i'm having trouble finding a caliper that mounts around the axle like the current setup. I'm willing to machine/adapt something to fit but haven't found a good starting place. The engine is a 73 in a 77 frame with a round swingarm and stock crossover (left side brake) that links to a swivel bracket and master on the right, then juice back over to the left side to the caliper. If theres nothing available for this sort of setup I'd even be willing to switch to a drum, though that leaves me with a whole new set of questions (spacing for that engine/frame combo). I'm a little lost on parts interchangeability here. any ideas? any input would be super appreciated. thanks

07-25-2017, 12:19 AM
Heres a link to some photos of the current setup