View Full Version : HVLP painting help

07-23-2017, 2:22 PM
I got a couple spray guns laying around and I'm getting close to painting. It will be my first time painting for the most part... Anyways, I got an Iwata LPH300 with a 1.2mm tip and a cheap gun for primer with a 1.8mm tip. I'm unsure about what I can spray through the 1.2mm tip as far as clear, base coats and kandy. Should I get another gun with a 1.4mm tip or can I get away with the 1.2mm tip? I'll never paint a car so I'm looking at smaller guns and need some direction. I read smaller guns can get away with smaller tip sizes and was looking into an Iwata LPH80 to fill the gaps. If I purchase one, what tip size would you recommend?

07-23-2017, 9:00 PM
A 1.3 tip is always good to have around. I like clear through a 1.3. Some 1.2's will over atomize clear according to some paint mfg's.

1.4 is best for basecoat and the kandys I spray but I'd be lying if I said I never sprayed base though a 1.3 without any problem

07-25-2017, 4:33 PM
Just picked up a Satajet 4000 with the proper tip size. Not too bad on the wallet, either!