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07-11-2017, 12:47 AM
Hi everyone,
I am trying to pull together the road trip of a lifetime for a bunch of buds, we're 6 chops from Italy (I know I know, forgein bastards riding old Harleys lol ;)).
I feel that riding all the way the highway 10 from Florida to Cali would be boring as hell, so I'd really appreciate any tip or advice to catch the best scenic roads. The idea is to do it in about 15 days + extra few days for preparing the bikes once in Miami and send them back from LA.

Also I was thinking to plan it for April so the weather is still a little mild down south, do you think this is the way to go?



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07-11-2017, 8:53 AM
Welcome to America, foreign bastards on old Harleys!

There's no winter on your route so if you want to do it earlier that's fine too.

07-11-2017, 9:01 AM
Man, the south east and south central of America is boring as fuck. Do you need to start and end at these cities? The good stuff is the north east and north west.

07-19-2017, 12:07 AM
LOL we might take a little detour from El Paso to the Grand Canyon, that is why in April

07-19-2017, 12:08 AM
Not necessarely, but I thought to follow the coast from Miami to New Orleans, then Austin, El paso, Grand Canyon and take the route 66 to LA, what do you suggest?

11-13-2017, 5:15 AM
Im down to join

11-13-2017, 5:46 AM
why not try to do the ''Easyrider'' Rout in reverse ?? ........Something I have always wanted to do.....



11-13-2017, 7:16 AM
Man, the south east and south central of America is boring as fuck. The good stuff is the north east and north west.

Yep I agree, But the northern route that time of year can also suck..

Since you only have 15 days, make a plan and stick with it... You will have a great time over here...

11-20-2017, 10:03 AM
That is actually I great idea, I will check it out for sure, thanks man! :)

11-21-2017, 3:47 AM
Man! Sounds like a great adventure, When I lived overseas in the military whenever we could get time off we would round up a few people, buy some beers, and pool some gas money & go on adventures. I tried to see as much as I could. Didnt get to see much of Italy, but other places around the Med,(Spain, Greece & Turkey)as well as Germany and UK. You end up meeting some amazing people. I say go for it, But while for many people that sounds like a great route,, I agree that its not a great one. Probably looks good in theory, but lets be honest. 15 days is not that much. 2 issues that are highly probable.
#1) Some sort of break down or mechanical BS,, or just general hassles. (Jackie Gleason cop type takes a dislike to you)
#2) Detour and delay because some sort of unforseen opportunity happens. (Hawaiin Tropic tour bus breaks down full of super models)

Either way you are stuck in Armpit Oklahoma and ran out of time,,,

The southern route you propose has the benefits of USUALLY decent weather but not always. Plus there is huge stretches of mind numbing boredom and roads that stretch out forever and scenery NEVER changes,, days of it. Unless on some sort of LSD fueled spiritual journey,, it aint gonna be real fun. Plus.. lack of resources. Depends on yer scooters,, but tires,chains, and specialized parts can be hard to get anywhere in the US (Nobody likes to stock parts,,, "Sure mister! We can have that in for you next week!") But there is a lot of places along that area that stocks plenty of parts for Ford Trucks and John Deere Tractors,,, (And chemicals for meth) But might be a tad bit hard to source important parts if needed.

**Idea for AMAZON,, Special drone parts delivery, SAG Wagon Drone following your route dropping consumables along the way**

Personally had a guy I know do this sort of thing a couple years back. He rode from the Canadian Border above NY,, all the way across the US to see me in Oregon USA,, and then north INTO Canada and back to his home above Niagara. He did this about the same time of year. (I can look it up if you like). But here is a summary of what happened. Had a few maint issues along the way but overall the bike did well. But in Wyoming a freak late Spring snow and Ice storm shut down most of the state. A state cop pulled up next to him on the freeway and told him get the F**K off the road. When Dave stopped the cop told him he was riding on black ice. Freeway was closed and Dave dropped the bike and damaged it when exiting off the freeway. He repaired it in the parking lot of his hotel he was stuck in for 3 days.
To compound the problem, the day before a Big Gasoline delivery truck wrecked on the freeway and the fire was so hot it destroyed the freeway at a critical spot. No place to detour except a 500 mile re-route so Dave had to wait for weather to clear and freeway to be repaired. Dave brought me a copy of the local newspaper. In that part of the US there is very few freeways and routes. So no other options. So,.. S**t Happens!

But here is an idea that was cool.. Dave son hooked up tracking on Daves phone. You could set it up with a website and people all over the world followed this trip and adventure including the motorcycle company CEO of the bike Dave was riding who was watching from the UK. There was some phone sync issues for part of the trip but overall its a great tool.

(Might be day after day of postings "Hmmmm they are still in Nevada at the following co-ordinates which shows "Bunny Ranch" Why arent they moving?")

I can suggest lots of cool places here in the NW and West coast,, I host people sometimes from overseas and try to show off the best places to go and see,, Around the same time (Late May-Early April) I have some Germans who are flying into Montana where they already bought a pickup and some motorcycles.. They will be going thru Idaho, Washington and here to Oregon. In early April is the largest Swap meet (Autojumble) west of the Mississippi here in Oregon. Over 5000 swap booths in 2 locations side by side full of old cars, trucks and motorcycles.

We will be stocking up the beer as we often host Wusel, but this year he has 4 friends coming so we need more beer. Then I can get rid of the Motorcycles and parts I have been storing for him. (He will ship all that stuff back to Germany).

Near me is the strip club capital of the US,, we have more strip clubs than any other city per person. We also have more Breweries per person than any other city in the US. (its why its called Beervana).

But every place has cool things to see and do... wherever you go I am sure will be fun. (personally,,, LA Freeways and SoCal in general is not for the faint of heart. I Drove once in Italy so you might fit right in,,, But I still think you will not be impressed with SoCal except to say -Never again.)

Testing my Italian here,,,

" Tutte fanno questo rumore"

"E Completamente normale fare quel rumore"

" Tutte le macchie di olio sono di una speciale estrazione Italiana"


11-21-2017, 3:58 AM
Heres a flikr page of some of Daves pictures when he drove across the US to see me and back to Canada.


After the crash due to Ice, here is the bike fixed again and waiting for the freeway-highway to reopen. A LOT of snow for late spring. Traffic was backed up across the whole state. Nothing was moving.


11-21-2017, 9:24 AM
Yep I agree, But the northern route that time of year can also suck..

Since you only have 15 days, make a plan and stick with it... You will have a great time over here...

More than suck. I did 1200 miles in mid April last year, MN to IN and back. Probably 1000 of those were in cold rain, and 400 of em below 40 degrees.

04-05-2018, 6:16 AM
Wow, sounds interesting.Try!