View Full Version : Regulator plug questions

07-09-2017, 8:24 PM
So i'm looking to replace the reg/rec on my chopper build and the plug is confusing me.
From the numbers i know it's a 1979 FXEF 1200 motor. All the information i can find says it should be the C type plug (2 pin female) but it's definitely a H type plug (2 pin male with the recessed pins).
So i have no idea what reg/rec is the right one to purchase now as it says H type are for 89 to 91 Evo's and are 32 amp.

Any help appreciated.


07-14-2017, 5:39 PM
Any HD that old has probably been through a few charging system parts swaps.

I'd get the regulator whose plug matches what you have, and I'd buy Cycle Electric.

Use some dielectric grease on the connection to exclude water and oil when you put it together.


When I get a new-to-me old Harley I replace regulator, rotor and stator as a set but you can just replace the regulator.

Ensure the connector on the stator is in good shape.

Perform a charging system test per the instructions on the Cycle Electric site after installation.

Make sure all battery cables are good. I do that by replacement and make my own using light guage welding cable from my local welding supply, and lugs from them and from any vendor who sell 1/4" ID lugs (that hole size fits battery bolts). I get heat shrink in bulk via Ebay but your local industrial supplier like Fastenal have the good stuff too.