View Full Version : 2003 Fat Boy cranks but will not run (start up). Help !!

07-09-2017, 1:03 PM
Hey guys. Been a LONG time since I have been on here. So I am having problems with starting my bike. I am at a loss. The bike was running fine for months, and now, it cranks and turns over but will NOT start. I turn the ignition to on, fuel pump cycles, I hit start, and then it revs and cranks but will not run over. It is a 2003 FLSTFI (Fuel Injected model).I am going to attempt to add a video of what it is doing. I hope it loads. Any suggestions as to what may be the cause? Thanks. Darn it. I just tried to upload and it is too long for the site? man, any suggestions, however?

07-09-2017, 2:09 PM
Ignition module? Just a guess, that's what is going on with my sporty right now.

07-09-2017, 2:22 PM
What does the troubleshooting section in your factory service manual say?

Got spark?

EDIT, link was bad. There are several on Ebay however if you don't have the book.

With modern vehicle systems, ya need the tech data. Go step by step, assume nothing.

07-09-2017, 8:13 PM
yes, I have spark, and I haven't been able to locate it in the FACTORY SERVICE MANUAL because it could be a myriad of things. Plugs and wires have been changed. Bike has sat for 4 years (I was living out of state) and the bike wasn't run very often while it sat in the garage. Here is a link to what is going on if anyone is interested or has any suggestions.


07-10-2017, 3:09 AM
If it has sat for four years, have you drained the fuel and put new gas in? Or is the gas four years old? If it has four year old gas I would start by draining it and using fresh gas.

07-10-2017, 4:15 PM
I wish Tattoo would come out of exile for this...

07-11-2017, 8:11 AM
Drain fuel system completely if it sat for a long time. Varnish can clog fuel injectors causing that sort of problem.

A fuel pressure test is worth doing so you know what you're dealing with.

IIRC you can use an aftermarket QD fitting (Chrysler outboard?) to convert generic fuel pressure guages for Harley use but I haven't needed one so I didn't assemble it. The fittings should be available online.

Try vtwinforum since they have many EFI owners.

07-21-2017, 11:11 PM
"I hit start, and then it revs and cranks but will not run over."
What does that even mean?
If it was left with ethanol in it, that crap turns to mud in just a few months or less.