View Full Version : Electronics help? (charging)

07-09-2017, 4:38 AM
This is weird one, connected a cheapo voltage meter/display which promptly failed, so started to test the voltages both battery and running, now the battery voltage is fine which to me indicates that the system has been charging.

However with engine running the voltage is totally erratic, neater just wont see any stable voltage, all kinds of fleeting readings from 2v to 19v.

System comprises of Lucas thee phase alternator, new but old Volt-pack KS four wire rectifier/regulator, now i have statically tested the alternator, and have tested the regulator/rectifier while running with the charge wire disconnected, and it seem to give an unstable voltage between 2v and 5v, i have also done the usual static continuity test for a reg/rec which it checks out.

The other odd thing is that with the charge wire disconnected from the battery/system, i am seeing a voltage of more than 12v up to 14v which is totally weird!
Oh the ignition system is an old Lucas RITA which seems to work OK but i did notice the metal battery box that it earths/sinks to getting quite hot, is this normal? or could this be the source of the odd voltage without reg/rec connected? other than that it run fine.