View Full Version : custom fit radiator

07-06-2017, 11:35 PM
hello i have a 1984 Honda vt500 ascot, Im in the process of building into a tall skinny street tracker style of bike, i want to try to fit a new radiator maybe from a dirtbike, something small and skinny. I've found a kx85 radaitor looks like it'd work well, as far as the water input and output, only thing is on the pictures of that radiator I'm looking at I don't see a port for a thermo switch for the fan. Basically my question is has anyone fitted a rad on a bike that it wasn't designed to have, if you have what considerations should i look into, i suspect as long as the flow is the same and it is a similar size it should work correct?

I'll try to get some pic of my progress so far later tomorrow.