View Full Version : New tool roll

07-03-2017, 10:56 AM
Hey yall. I just got my new tool roll in from jafrum. It's PVC but you can't tell. Very well built lined with a slick layer of plastic wich will help if you have to get greasy in the rain on the side of the road cleaning it up later will be a breeze. If you make a run that lasts a few days it's got enough space to bring every tool you could want along with extra spark plugs and wires. I have always kept several feet of wire and crimps plus anything I happen to see and think hey I might need this. It came with 2 locks that I will replace with 2 that use one key. But for 11 bucks and change its a good deal. Iv still got a set of saddle bags in the way Yall Keepem 1UP & 2 DOWN