View Full Version : CB650 Bobber beings

07-02-2017, 10:33 PM
I got this 81 CB650 about a month ago it had already been cut on and the seat built. I'm going to go and do a full rigid bobber build. I'm waiting on TC Bros universal weld on hard tail kit. Iv got most of the raw materials to make the forward controls. I'll be adding a chopper headlight iv got on a xs400 that I'm also building but it's a as I wanna do it project The 650 is my daily ride so once I cut I won't stop till its rolling again so Iv been collecting parts here and there. Though I like the tank I'm going to change it as its to nice a paint job to redo. But I'm going green on the tins. The only thing iv not made my mind up on is the exhaust. It will definitely be extended and turned out I will let the 4 inch extention of the frame help deside what I do anyhow I'll post pictures when It goes under the knife. That's my remote fuel IV unit that my 8 year old nephew named Skinny the gas man lol Yall Keepem 1UP & 2 DOWN77939779397794077940