View Full Version : CA transplant to TX - apply for title transfer/multiple bikes

06-28-2017, 3:04 PM

I recently moved from CA to Central TX and have several bikes and projects. All of them have CA titles in my name.
I already transferred title and registered my main bike.

If I am not riding some of my bikes/bike projects at this moment - should I transfer all its titles within 90 days of move and pay $90 New resident fee for each title transfer or can I leave these bikes sitting in my garage with CA title and whenever I feel to ride it again go ahead with title transfer and registration?

I was told that if I don't transfer the titles soon, later I will have to pay sales tax of 6,25% on every title transfer.

Anyone went through this hassle?

thanks in advance

06-29-2017, 4:09 PM
I don't think you will pay sales tax no matter what. You will pay for the new title whether you do it now or later. If you
plan on selling any of them any time soon, just keep the CA title and sell them that way.
You don't have to register right away (or at least you used to not have to). It's been about five years but I used to buy
and sell a lot of trucks and motorcycles. Most of them were from Oklahoma and I never had a problem but I was a resident.
But Texas needs money so they are always changing fees and how they do things to get more money.
Welcome to Texas.

06-30-2017, 3:09 PM
As far as I understand that buying out of state is not an issue. the issue and question here is if I bring a bike out of state which is already registered in my name and try to transfer the title after 90 days they are going to charge me sales tax. I was also told that I can do a title transfer without registering it and this way I dont have to get it inspected until I want to get new registration. $90 new resident fee + whatever title transfer is for my county($33)