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06-24-2017, 8:01 PM
I am humble enough to fess up when I need help, direction.
I know practically nada about S&S Super E.
Is there a trick to landing the "Pump Cap Assembly, bought a new kit, new steelies "O" rings, and diaphragm and spring.
To me is seems like the diaphragm is to big, but still how do you land it. Any tricks..
Would be most appreciative.
Gracias in advance, will drop some visuals as incentive so you can focus on mi dilemma.

06-24-2017, 8:20 PM
Diaphragms can feel too large, but the cover will suitably compress them. I just face the bowl downward and install the cover. A dab of petrolatum is great for holding the blue rings and will dissolve when fuel hits it.

If you measure one of the rings before installing you can get a pack of Viton(not generic) O-rings off Ebay for a few dollars. Beats buying one ring if ya lose one in the future. I don't have my pack at hand or I'd post the dimensions.

Socket head bowl screw kits are available or play matchup at your hardware store. Makes field servicing easier.

06-24-2017, 8:50 PM
Pinchi farmall, your the man, your empirical knowledge will come in handy tomorrow.

06-28-2017, 5:04 AM
if its not too late...
bowl inverted, hold down diaphragm and spring with a thick feeler gauge or thin whatever, set cap on top, slide out tool. insert short screws
Springs, balls and o-rings in place of course.
bowl back upright,Fill void on top of diaphragm with W-D40. helps the rubber last longer.

cheap diaphragms can indeed be too thick. seen a couple of warped pump caps.
(We all know farmall would never use the cheap stuff)

06-28-2017, 10:28 AM
Thanks, to both of you guy's, I have now assembled it and have it up to speed, I did use a feeler gauge.