View Full Version : Loose Pulley/Sprocket Causing This Noise?

06-23-2017, 1:53 PM

My bike (95 sportster 1200) was making this noise a while ago. Fearing the worst I checked the wheel bearings and replaced the main shaft bearings and the other lower bearings. After that noise went away. but now it is coming back here and there.

Noise starts at 19 seconds in.


This was before all the work. It was gone but now is back, though it doesnt stick around as long. I read some posts that this could be caused by a loose pulley/sprocket. Since I had to remove the sprocket to get to the bearings I replaced I assume it might have disappeared because it was freshly tightened but now has come loose again after 2 months. I have a new lock plate and nut that I am putting on after work, but while I am doing the work I was wondering if there is anything else you guys think it might be.

-Wheel bearings good
-New bearings in the lower end (noise stopped for a bit after)
-Sound continues in neutral while moving
-Sound continues with bike off while still moving
-Sound continues regardless of the clutch being in or out
-No sound when at idle
-No sound when stopped, neutral or clutch in.

Maybe it is coming from the chain but the lock plate and nut are fine, where else could it be rubbing/hitting? I really want this to be the last time I chase this noise so I don't want to miss any possibilities while I am in there.