View Full Version : Front End/Front Brake Help

06-09-2017, 5:32 PM
Hi all, long time lurker, first time posting. I recently bought my first shovel and it is chock full of mismatched parts. The owner had passed away and I bought it from his daughter with little to no backstory, aside from knowing it had a clean special assembly title. Got the bike running, and now I need to make it stop... Looking to set up a front brake but am stumped on what caliper to use. The master cylinder, brake lever, and 10in single rotor were on the bike when I bought it. I had a set of early ironhead calipers that didn't fit, as they hit the spokes. Not too familiar with brake options, I was looking at a GMA front break for an FX in the Classified section, seems like it might fit? Is it the pie slice caliper I should be looking for instead? Thanks in advance

06-17-2017, 6:44 AM
you've got the right calipers for those legs.
the gma(s) should bolt right on.
Your clearance problem is due to the spoke angle. 19" vs 21".
GMA caliper will be more "clearancable" than the stockers.
get yourself a bigger disk and make an adaptor bracket to hang a better caliper.