View Full Version : Wiring question.

06-09-2017, 6:41 AM
Having trouble getting my head around this one, don't usually have problems with wiring, but in this case i am not sure,
The question is, i am going to fit a a relay to use as an ignition cut, but i want to fit a digital volt meter to the positive side of the trigger circuit of the relay as it will be powered from the ignition switch, but my worry is that will the earth side of the volt meter act as the earth and trigger the relay?

06-09-2017, 9:13 AM
Looks like it may not be a problem now, as i cant position the volt meter where i originally wanted it.

06-09-2017, 9:21 AM
It should not trigger the relay. The relay coil needs a flow of current in one end and out the other. So, you are reading the battery voltage after turning on the key switch and then there will be a push button to open or close the circuit to the relay?