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06-08-2017, 3:04 PM
This setup came on a recent project I picked up. The rim is a 21" DID 36 spoke setup, but I can find any marks on the hub anywhere to identify it. Does anyone recognize this setup?
http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee356/tnplowboy07/Chopper/20170608_165254_zpsh1witaer.jpg (http://s535.photobucket.com/user/tnplowboy07/media/Chopper/20170608_165254_zpsh1witaer.jpg.html)
http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee356/tnplowboy07/Chopper/20170608_165315_zpspwlaaft9.jpg (http://s535.photobucket.com/user/tnplowboy07/media/Chopper/20170608_165315_zpspwlaaft9.jpg.html)
http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee356/tnplowboy07/Chopper/20170608_165307_zpsqifpcdjb.jpg (http://s535.photobucket.com/user/tnplowboy07/media/Chopper/20170608_165307_zpsqifpcdjb.jpg.html)
http://i535.photobucket.com/albums/ee356/tnplowboy07/Chopper/20170608_165249_zpsmbzfs1te.jpg (http://s535.photobucket.com/user/tnplowboy07/media/Chopper/20170608_165249_zpsmbzfs1te.jpg.html)

06-09-2017, 11:40 AM
I cant tell you for sure it was a YamaZukionda 1971-3 on US import models.. But I have a couple wheels just like this I have collected over the years and have used on builds. Its Japanese (I am sure you were aware of that) and likely Yamaha or Kawasaki.Possibly Suzuki Honda is possible but generally Honda is tell tale. Its 36 hole which is always tell tale asian, only a few wheels from Japan are 40 spoke. Its got a cross 4 spoke pattern and some people can tell by that.

Its for a light duty application and would be a dualsport or also known as Enduro. Look at DT250, or other DT series Yamaha,, or similar bikes from other brands. (I have a Suzuki TS250 2 stroke from 1973 and this wheel looks like my front wheel. (Enduro street legal dirt bike) and yes.. My bike has a 21 in front.

I like running these on a chopper with a long springer or girder. I wouldnt use it on a Harley project (A little too light weight) But for an Asian chop, or what I typically build is vintage British,, this would be a good chopper stopper. With the Long springers they Pogo with much brake. (Bouncy Bouncy) so a mini drum like this is perfect as you can use it to hold at a stop light or more importantly on a hill,, or just ease into it while coming to a stop and have to take your foot off the rear brake. The speedo drive will likely be either 1:1 or more likely 2:1 and you can get a mini speedo almost anywhere cheap. (Required in many states to be legal)

So, the speedo drive makes it nice and something the chopper branded mini drums dont have. Be careful the little gears get cleaned and lubed but dont over lube.

Your axle hole looks typically small,, which presents some challenges. Be careful what you use for an axle. ( A rusty bolt from your hardware pile aint gonna cut it) Most people machine slightly larger or swap the sealed bearings to run a known entity axle. Brake cable done right can be a clean setup,, Sometimes on feebay you can find old stock extended cables that will work. (I bought a crap ton of stuff from some liquidators and Dennis Kirk clearance sales) But likely you will have to MAKE your own cable or pay someone to make them.

The asian cables are a pain,, On old american and British cables if you have an old cable you can harvest the hardware and reuse to make a new cable, Asian bikes are not as easy and trying to melt the solder out of the terminal ends doesnt work. Flanders, and other companies sell the hardware to make cables.

Bearings are relatively easy. Pop them out and measure.. Any commercial bearing house can recommend a replacement. Dont cut corners, Bearings are cheap compared to a wreck. Brake shoes. Once you ID what it came off of,, should be easy as well. Probably a crap ton of old stock on FeeBay. But some people reline vintage shoes and hard to find people willing to do it (Liability) But I have a few friends who bought super duper modern kevlar & carbon fibre materials type and did their own relining. The difference in braking is amazing.

If you are thinking of using on a springer or Girder and not 100% clear on how to do it right,, Look for the old Jammer chopper guide and they have a good article in there on proper mounting and setup. If you cant find it, PM me and I can scan you a copy of the article.

But, thats a nice wheel, skinny, speedo drive, sealed bearings, makes a good chopper stopper. Hope this helps

06-09-2017, 12:10 PM
Thank you for all the info. I identified it as a SL125 setup, 12mm axle. The brake shoes are brand new. It is going on an Ironhead chop with a short girder setup, I've got the proper axle for it. I'll probably buy a nos brake cable and build my own using the hardware for the length I need. Again thanks for all the advice

06-09-2017, 12:43 PM
Cool, sounds like you got it handled, Theres also some early Disc brake set ups from small asian bikes that are cable actuated and also make good chopper stoppers and a really clean look if done right.
Heres a crappy image of the article in the old Jammer chopper guide. I can scan a better image from mine,, but I cant get it to load on the page right but allegedly many of the articles are scanned and on this HD forum.
See: https://www.hdforums.com/how-tos/slideshows/12-cool-things-learned-from-the-1977-jammers-handbook-437091#1-harley-honda-kawasaki-it-s-all-okay

Some good tech here: http://www.choppercompendium.com/ccforum/viewtopic.php?t=494

And of course Gods gift to chopper builders, the reference std. See: