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06-04-2017, 7:41 PM
Came back from a quick ride and all of the sudden smoke was pouring out from under my seat. I mean lots and lots of stanky smoke. Hit it with a fire extinguisher, then pulled the seat, clipped the wiring and yanked it out with some tongs as fast as I could. Bike is fine. Needs some rewiring!
I was running a shorai lithium ion battery for a while, no problems until I lost a cell and my regulator, rectifier. Threw this in, one ride and this happened. It was pretty freaky. Gotta do further investigation.



06-04-2017, 8:07 PM
Had the same thing happen to me. Ended up putting a low voltage regulator on it and no more problems.

06-04-2017, 8:08 PM
Did you have a fuse or breaker.........

06-04-2017, 8:24 PM
I have breakers on nearly everything, but not on the feed from battery to regulator.

06-04-2017, 9:49 PM
Fuck those batteries. I have one on my triumph, but it don't run anyway cause it's a triumph, built the fucker around the little piece of shit, it's only a hundred bucks every time it shits out.....

06-05-2017, 9:44 AM
With all the problems with these batteries, how is Anti Gravity still in buisness?

06-05-2017, 11:38 AM
never again!

06-05-2017, 12:46 PM
Some batteries shit the bed no matter what type they are, but running exotic tiny batteries is not wise except on a (real) race bike so I don't. Why pay extra to add problems especially on an electric start motorcycle?

A breaker from the regulator might or might not have averted that particular meltdown, and autos and trucks often use fusible links (an inline encapsulated fuse) so it's a proven method. It doesn't protect against overvoltage, just excessive current.

I'd do a full charging system test after a smoke check like that one.

06-05-2017, 9:03 PM
Plenty of lithium battery drama has graced this forum. I dig that mini horse shoe oil bag and get that's why you're tied to the lithium battery, but have to admit function wise mounting the battery on the bottom tubes aft of the engine is money. You can run a monster size battery, lower the bike's center of gravity a little and use any oil bag that clears the chain.

That said I doubt you'll re-do all this fab work to ditch the need for the mini battery, so lessons learned? Circuit breakers on everything and wired as closely to the source of power as possible. Lithium batteries hate heat and vibrations, tough to conquer in the horseshoe, mitigate it as much as possible though.

Rad sporty though man, glad you and the bike are no worse for where. Cheers man.

06-06-2017, 9:07 AM
pain and simple, you where arching off one post or both.

06-06-2017, 12:17 PM
pain and simple, you where arching off one post or both.

EXACTLY! ^^^^^ fuses would not have stopped it

06-06-2017, 10:35 PM
Basically a loose connection?

06-06-2017, 10:37 PM
Maybe that would explain why it seem to be melted down mostly, worstly on one side.

06-07-2017, 9:39 AM
Oh ya Vato, good observation. He isn't implying that it was lose connection, I think he's trying to say that your positive battery post itself was directly contacting a source of ground on the frame. Did I get that right? That certainly could be the case and Whoremonger is correct no fuse would have stopped that meltdown if that is indeed what happened.

Hopefully your stator and regulator survived.

06-07-2017, 5:39 PM
pain and simple, you where arching off one post or both.

Not necessarily. These batteries have ZERO integrity. I had a faulty regulator that was going out intermittently, testing good in the garage but going crazy on the road after about 20 minutes. Anything over 14ish volts and the anti gravity just melts.

06-08-2017, 8:25 AM
After viewing the picture, that puppy did arch. Big time,

06-08-2017, 11:36 AM
In my case nothing arced, nothing shorted, brand new CE genny and reg. Switched to AGM battery no more problems. I did check that the electronic reg. did not over volt/charge. THEY DON"T HAVE TO ARC to have a melt down.

06-08-2017, 3:45 PM
Hmm, I ran a 4 cell in a bike a few years ago without issue and just bought another 4 cell for my kick only shovel. This is pretty concerning.

06-08-2017, 6:25 PM

I've been running this battery on my kick only and it's been super solid. Well worth the $40.

06-09-2017, 6:38 PM
Wow, that sucks. I wish I would have seen this a wile back. I'm running a 8 cell Anti Gravity on my new build. I guess with the space I saved I could mount a fire extinguisher.

06-09-2017, 6:53 PM
O hay, and Salty thanks for taking a picture first, and then putting the fire out! I did put in an adjustable regulator. I can go down to 13.5 VDC. I hope that helps. When you get one of these batteries it will warn you that you should not even use a regular motorcycle trickle charger. You need to get a LiFePOS battery charger for the shop if you run these.

06-10-2017, 6:04 PM
Put some of the DEI heat pads around inside of oil tank where battery sits & use as much foam pad to keep from moving around.

06-12-2017, 6:50 PM
After viewing the picture, that puppy did arch. Big time,

I retract my previous statement, Buddha you are correct about the battery arcing, but it was internally arcing. When these Anti Gravity's overheat they internally lose all integrity and the cells internally have no barrier.

O hay, and Salty thanks for taking a picture first, and then putting the fire out!
this is actually a photo still from a video.... haha. Technically nothing catches on fire, just melts down and spits out that putrid LiFepussy juice. This one boiled out over my battery box and melting plastic dripped all over the place. But no flames. bummer.