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06-04-2017, 12:53 PM
I know the hondamatic is a basic bike with not a lot of aftermarket but i figured I would ask in case there is someone who might have did some custom work and could provide some insight...

I am trying to see if there is anyway to possibly bore the 450 up to a 500 or another trick to increase the low end... just something to make it a bit quicker... i have scrapped the original airbox for simple cones and straight exhaust all the way back... my buddy has a 920 Virago and i want to be able to keep up... and people have told me get a manual and I would but my ankle is completely fucked from military service... hence why I settled on the Hondamatic... once in a while is ok but I've tried riding manual and after a while it hurts...

I'm not looking for smart ass answers so please refrain... just looking for advice thank you and Semper Fi

06-04-2017, 7:18 PM
check out www.hondatwins.net. they know all there is to know about these bikes,but you're not gonna get a lot out of it.two into one exhaust,maybe an overbore. stock air box as the slides(cv carbs) don't like pod filters.might look into finding a cb750a, as there's a little more aftermarket and they're already quicker to begin with.might not be easy to find,though.ever think of a 74 or earlier right side shift ironhead?thank you for your service

06-07-2017, 7:59 PM
I have seen a few cb750a's around but they want top dollar which is understandable... I bought my 450a for 300 paid 200 to hardtail it and 50 for a rattle can paint job so it's not like its a major deal breaker... just wanna be able to keep up with my buddy's 920 Virago lol and thank you it was an honor to serve this great country!

06-08-2017, 6:32 AM
the 920 has twice the hp,and cc, to start with,so it's gonna be tough with motor work alone.could try lightening things up too

06-08-2017, 7:47 AM
open up the intake, use some Mikunis, open the exhaust up. My 450A chopper ran great plenty of power to get you killed.


My 450 chopper would do 100mph all day