View Full Version : Elburn IL to New Glarus WI June 3rd..TOMORROW!

06-02-2017, 8:49 PM
A buddy of mine is setting up a ride that started on facebook..figure if there are any last minute riders that want to tag along...

Let's ride motorcycles and drink beer then ride motorcycles again. What could go wrong??? But seriously folks, we've all been talking about this for a long time now and it never seems to work out. I have faith it will this time cause it's January and you have 6 shitty months to schedule it so no excuses. I'm inviting people on here but leaving it open to you invite as many others as you'd like. No weirdos like that guy you bought heroin from ten years ago and suddenly turned up again. I'm talking cool people like the guy who you bought coke from ten years ago and you became regular friends. It's June third of 2017. I figured it'll be an all day thing so tell your wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and that tranny hooker that you'll be busy with the boys. There's another event an hour away that we'll stop by for in Sauk City after the New Glarus tour.

Plan on meeting between 10am-11am at Corner Grind - 2 South Main Street, Elburn, Illinois. (This is all because birthday boy's wife won't let him have a motorcycle.)
Plan on stopping at the Gas Station right up the road before we take off cause I have a little gas tank. Kinda like Omar and his micro penis issues.
Next stop will be at the Mobil Gas Station - 453 North Springfield Avenue, Rockford, Illinois. Stop, stretch, snack, wrestle some red neck hookers and gas up.
Next stop, New Glarus!
2400 WI-69, New Glarus, Wisconsin, 53574
Depending on how much we have to drink, eat and how bruised your ego is after getting your ass kicked by inbred Gas Station hookers we can play it by ear on what's next. A friend of mine has another biker thang goin on in Sauk City about 40 miles away. We could possibly visit them or not and show them how bad ass us yuppie bikers are by going straight back home. It's up to you. Or suggest something cool and allows some of our riders with wives who wear the pants to head back at a decent hour and we can do that as well.

Plan on having kick stands up by 11am. If you wanna get to the Corner Grind for breakfast, plan on being there early enough to stuff dat fat ass and be done by 11.

06-02-2017, 9:08 PM
Anyone coming from Chicago area/suburbs, we are meeting at Harley Davidson in St. Charles before we head to elburn. 9AM

Possible rain? not sure as it seems the weather reports have been so ass backwards.