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05-22-2017, 1:10 PM
Newb here. I just picked up a 1988 Honda vlx and the PO already started working on the bike. He chopped the rear but didn't go hardtail. He also tried fixing a hole in the tank but made it worse. So at this point I am looking for either a stock tank or figure out a custom one and how to mount it. Also looking to do a custom seat. Not digging the spring seat on a bike with the rear suspension still on it. Biltwell seems to be one of the better sources. I've owned and raced dirt bikes and sleds but this is my first bike project. Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.
http://i723.photobucket.com/albums/ww240/eyelesrmk/Mobile%20Uploads/2B56D73C-8C26-4A1C-85F0-680180DE1699.jpg (http://s723.photobucket.com/user/eyelesrmk/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2B56D73C-8C26-4A1C-85F0-680180DE1699.jpg.html)
http://i723.photobucket.com/albums/ww240/eyelesrmk/Mobile%20Uploads/E96EFB3D-3825-4CC8-B3DE-35A7596A479F.jpg (http://s723.photobucket.com/user/eyelesrmk/media/Mobile%20Uploads/E96EFB3D-3825-4CC8-B3DE-35A7596A479F.jpg.html)

05-23-2017, 6:09 AM
since your frame is already stripped i suggest you to cut the backbone and make it a single one. so you can easily swap different tanks.