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05-21-2017, 12:03 PM
Good Afternoon,

I was curious if you guys could let me know what you guys think of your hard tail XS. I would like to know how smooth they run and if they can ride highway speeds well? I am thinking about picking one up and just want your talk about how much you ride them and how well they run at highway speeds.


05-22-2017, 6:40 AM
You can always change the final drive sprockets to match your rpm vs speed needs.
As for 'smooth', that's a relative term. What are you comparing it to?

05-22-2017, 7:04 PM
I am just wondering how much you guys ride and I have herd horror stories about ridgeds and I have herd people that love them. So I am just getting first hands of you guys that are XS hard tail riders. And I am curious of more than just the bar hop guys but the guys that ride them on the Highway

05-26-2017, 6:50 PM
I built and have been riding a XS650 hardtail chop since '08 and have ridden in many different conditions. In my honest opinion an XS is not a great pick for a highway cruiser, at all. Although, I did changed out the stock sprockets to improve cruising speed RPM's. I run an 18T up front and a 32T on the rear. I think that combo works great on these buds and really makes the bike ridable and much more fun. I can run the bike just fine on the highway, but when you are at highway cruising speeds the bike is, for the most part, tapped. I would love to click up one last time for a 6th gear, but it's just not there. I recently bought a 30T for the rear and am going to try that and see if the improvement on the highways are actually better enough to give up some of the pep the bike has in town. I rebuilt the motor last year and should have thrown in the MikesXS 5th gear OD but didn't. Hope this sheds some light...

Oh.. and I Fucking love my bike:)

05-29-2017, 12:45 PM
So obviously a rigid is what it is, but the XS650 is a very light weight bike and with mid controls is a fairly comfy rigid. The bummer is the motor vibrates big time at highway speeds making it less comfortable. I sold my XS rigid to fund another bike. Go test ride it and see for yourself, I wouldn't pass on an XS because of the buzzy vibes.

05-31-2017, 6:33 AM
Thanks guys for all of your help and advice on the bike. I learned how to ride on a GN400 so I know how it feels to have some buzz in your hands. But thank you for all your insight and advice on the matter.