View Full Version : '02 VLX tail light wiring question?

05-17-2017, 5:40 PM
Hello, All.
Total noob, here.. I seem to be in a bit of a conundrum.

I ordered a cheap axle mounted brake/running light for my vlx. The light did not come with any instructions, and I was unable to find anything online to help my situation. I have little to no knowledge of electrical wiring, although I do consider myself fairly logical..I can usually work things out, given enough time..That being said;

The light itself comes with a Red, Blue, and Black wire.. The wires that are on the VLX that go to the tail light are Green, Green w/Yellow, and Brown.

I tried a variety of combinations of wires to other wires, but I have been unable to get my brake light to work..? I currently have
Grn.Yllw/Blu, wire combinations..

The running lights only work when I have the Brn/Red, and the Grn/Blk wires connected.. I assumed that the Grn.Yllw/Blu wires would make the brake light work, but that is not the case.. Here is a pic, in case I am not being clear..

What am I doing wrong, here.. Is there something I am missing?
Tl;Dr.. Running light works, brake light won't engage, help?

05-18-2017, 5:39 AM
First, make sure the brake light switch(es) and wiring are in working order.
I would guess the black wire from the tailight is the ground. ?
The Chinese seem to think the blue is brake and red is running?
I usually confirm these questions right off the bat, straight off the batt before install.

As for the wires coming off the bike...
Look up a wiring diagram, physically trace the wires or use a test lamp, multi-meter or lightbulb to sort it out.

05-20-2017, 7:54 AM
First thing get rid of those shitty clamp connectors. Splice them with heat shrink and solder the wires.

Then learn to use a test light. They are really simple. Simply clamp the lead on the test light to the frame off the bike where it touches metal the connect the probe to each wire noting which ones have power and when, ie press the brakes.

And as was said test the new light with the battery. But disconnect the battery before you start.

05-22-2017, 4:30 PM
Backing up what these guys said. Also make sure you are properly grounding. And lastly, have you tried a different bulb? Sometimes there are two filaments. One for running, one for braking. Brake could be broken.

05-27-2017, 12:24 AM
I wasn't planning on keeping the clamp connectors. I work on my bike away from my home. I had fully anticipated having everything put back together and functioning properly at the end of that particular work day. When that did not happen I had to quickly slap some stuff together so that I could at least have running lights on my way back to my apartment.

Thanks for the help.