View Full Version : Honda CB400SF Super Four... Daily commuter needs some love..

05-04-2017, 8:55 PM
Hi all - I'm new here, and I'm looking for some advice on breathing a bit of new life back into my trusty old CB400SF.

I've run her into the ground over the last few years, having my mechanic do minor repair work where needed, and I now have a bit of free time meaning I can start doing some upgrade work.

The engine is in great shape, but the electrics are all a bit fucked - previous owners have added/removed things in the past, and I always seem to have issues with headlights/turn signals/brake lights etc, so I'm thinking at some point I'll need to fully rewire her.

I have no idea about it's history - I've had her about 3 years and prior to that - who knows what she went through, but I've not had any major issues to date.

I'm based in Hong Kong, and this bike is pretty common here, so getting parts shouldn't be an issue.

A lot of cosmetic work is needed, cleaning out rust spots, a deep clean etc. I'll probably swap out the bars and controls at a later date as well.

I figure that my first job is to clean her up and see where there might be any real rust that would need to be addressed, and then start trying to tackle individual projects week by week.

How would people suggest going about a gradual upgrade on their Monday - Friday commuter?

Essentially, I want to get her into a place where I can stay on top of regular servicing, and not be fire-fighting problems as and when they come up.

Any tips/advice would be appreciated, along with any "must do" projects that I should put on my to-do list? Or a plan of action of what order I can go about troubleshooting/working out what needs to be done that would make some sense!