View Full Version : my frist (big) project bike.

04-21-2017, 12:15 PM
Hello all new member from MN. Names Chris been on two wheels forever mostly sport bikes until a few years ago when I got an 83 1100 Goldwing. around the same time I was given a 72 cl175 and a box of extra parts. I was thinking it would be a sweet café bike but now I'm thinking more of a chopper for ripping around tow and pissing people off :cool:. I've been reading and searching around and was hoping a few of the frame masters around would chime in on what I need to brace to chop the back chunk of the frame off. Ill most likely start ripping into it this summer just want to get as much info and parts gathered up.

I found a picture of a frame online and got some cut lines (red ones) on it. and add lines (blue) any one know for what I want to do if I would need a frame jig or just mount it to a bench.