View Full Version : reg/rect hookup on 72 xs650

06-27-2010, 8:14 PM
i know this topic has been covered in quite a few threads already but i have one question.


i followed this video and bought an ebay early 80s reg/rect. my bike has a blue wire coming from the rotor/stator assembly. from what i see in the video there is a blue wire also on his bike. i cannot tell if this wire is just capped like the yellow wire. what does the blue wire do?? can i cap it off as well and hook the other wires up like in the video? im running points for now and just single beam headlight, tailight, brakelight.

here are pictures of the wires coming out of the rotor/stator inculding the blue wire and also the wires coming out of the late model reg/rect i bought