View Full Version : Yamaha RD250?

04-11-2017, 10:58 AM
Found one for sale local and cheap, 1975 I havent heard much on these. Anyone have any exerience with one?

04-11-2017, 12:26 PM
Useless for chopping. Kinda fun if you are used to old two-strokes, but slower than the much more desirable 350 which is still thoroughly obsolete.

Condition matters. If stock and intact best sold to a collector or parted out on Ebay. If it has a clear title someone will want the frame for their RD350 project.

You probably don't want one and the money would be better spent on existing bikes or tools and equipment.

How cheap is "cheap"?

https://treasure.craigslist.org/mcy/6008677939.html would be worth about half of asking price to me then I'd part everything out since every new project sucks money and time from other projects and, even more important, tools and equipment purchases.

04-11-2017, 2:03 PM
It looks like its been neglected but not abused. Guy asking 300. "Says" motor is fine but no carbs. I know id spend more for the carbs than the whole bike.
I wasnt aware of the 350, that seems like the better way to go.

04-11-2017, 5:35 PM
if you have never rode a rd350,be carefull.

i was riding a yam 650 maxim for a few years when i was a kid. a buddy got a rd350 and wanted me to try it out.

as i took off he hollers "pull a wheelie" i kind of wondered why he was giggleing.

revved it a little and popped the clutch, thing just about flipped over backwards.

the thing had unreal power for a small bike. you have been warned.

04-11-2017, 6:27 PM
Ha, 10-4 on that ridgerunner

04-12-2017, 5:27 AM
The guys that are into these bikes are really into them, they self-proclaim themselves as "RD NUTS" and preach it like they're in a brotherhood.

Me, I had a bad experience with my buddy buying a RD125 when we were kids and making me work on it, I learned to hate that finicky oil-burner and it was slower than my moped. Looked pretty though, that's why he liked it...

I knew another guy that had a 350 or 400, can't remember which. He used to put my KZ750 through it's paces easy on PCH. But that was only when he could get it running right, which was rarely.

Unless you have a thing for two strokes I would probably avoid it, they're rad bikes but not worth the time and annoyance if you aren't in love with it like a lunatic

04-12-2017, 12:21 PM
The RD350 Is awesome so I asume the RD250 is 5/7 as awesome?! :p

04-18-2017, 2:19 PM
I had an RD350 Daytona Special when I was younger, it was an exAMA cafe racer I bought with all the go fast goodies bolted on(tuned chambers, 34mm mikuni smooth bores, hitech reeds, etc.) from an ex racer friend of mine. The thing was bored to 400 and finicky as hell to tune at first(bad reed pocket). Once I got that replaced, it was unreal how much power that little bike made. Seemed to keep doubling how much it pulled about every 200 RPM or so. Too bad it topped out around 95 MPH. I know back in the day, 199something, it was hard to find parts I can't imagine it got any easier, but that may be because it was setup to race. All in all I would say they are fun to have and ride, but you should know what you're getting into in terms of caring for a two stroke.