View Full Version : 93 shadow bobber build completed - Black Betty!

03-10-2017, 11:03 PM
Bought this about 90 days ago, from a military guy who had it for years but was being stationed overseas and decided it needed a new home. It was bone stock. Had to ride it 40 miles home in 10* December weather in Idaho. 4 hours after I pulled it into the garage, I started tearing her apart and after alot of research in these forums, and alot of patience learning to build a wiring harness, today she was nearly completed. Came home on lunch from work and got to take her on her first ride. Black Betty! Replaced the rear shock with a solid strut, removed the front support bar and welded reinforcements on the neck, rebuilt the wiring harness, ditched the turn signals and relocated all of the switches to a box built under the seat. On/off ignition, kill switch, headlight on/off, and push bottun start switch, Risers, drag bars, bored out a 7/8 to 1in front brake perch with a nissin master cylinder and installed clear tube for master cylinder, removed the air box and cut down cone filters to 2in tall for the intake, relocated the coolant overflow to a "Watkins" glass bottle from 1918 and mounted to the frame, straight piped with wrap, removed the fuel pump for gravity feed, rolled the press weld on the tank under the lip, raised the tank to run with the frame, welded in a sight tube for the tank, converted a 70s yamaha gas cap, after market brake light, changed the rear sprocket to 41 tooth, solo seat.... now a bit more fine tuning the carbs and some spit shine on the motor and wheels and it should be done for the spring and summer. 755877558875589