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03-07-2017, 2:46 PM
What's up guys, my name's Adam, I'm from Jacksonville, FL!

I've been riding for about 7 years, mainly only sportbikes though. Finally ended up selling them all, and got myself a 2007 VLX600 for $1500. Decided to give this whole chop thing a try.

Here's how it looked when I bought it.

Same day, cut the rear fender off, haha.

Next, I ordered some clip-ons, and got those on, from there I replaced the rear strut with a strut from Scootworks, as well as their 3" front fork lowering kit.

My seat from TJBrutalCustoms showed up, as well as my true hardtail(to go on later!). Being that I don't have access to a welder, I ran her over to my buddies shop, ordered some new tires, and let him at it. Here's a photo riding it home.

From there, I wrapped the new seat in the leather from the OEM seat. I then decided to cut the pipes, stupid, I know, but I just couldn't deal with the stock exhaust. I will be buying a Backdraft exhaust from TJBrutalCustoms in a little bit! I also heatwrapped them, and that's where I'm at right now.

So as of right now, I've purchased some Nomad bars from ZombiePerformance, as my back just can't handle the clip-ons anymore, haha. I've also got a jockey shifter/suicide clutch, single cable throttle assy, biltwell grips, on/off push button switch, jet kit/afr screw, and a velocity stack on order from TJBrutalCustoms! (I really like his parts, they're fucking quality, and he's the man.) I've also got new lower forks on order, since mine are rusted as fuck, and even with an fork seal change, they're still leaking oil uncontrollably. (Hence the rags.)

Once all that stuff shows up, I'll be installing all that, then working on the wiring. I'm planning on getting a battery box, a smaller battery, and dropping that as low as possible. I also can't decide if I want to get an oil tank and put the electronics in there, or re-wire and move them up under the tank. Once the wiring is done, I'll be bringing it back to the shop to get the true hardtail welded up, and then I guess we'll see from there! Probably a proper upholster of the seat, strip the tank of all the paint, or switch to a sportster tank, I can't decide yet. Thanks for reading, stay tuned for updates!!

04-09-2017, 9:26 PM
Howd the bike run once you cut the pipes?

04-09-2017, 11:31 PM
Love a good Shadow build. Some day I'll find one for cheap and do something similar to you. Looks like you're having a blast riding it which is always the best part.

Funny you keep mentioning TJ Brutal Customs, I haven't heard that name in forever. He had (has?) a shop local to my hometown and we actually talked about me going to work there at one point, but they hired another new guy instead. I remembered them doing mostly Harleys back then, they weren't really into things like Shadows so much (part of the reason they hired the other guy if I recall). They had some pretty sweet digs back in the day, I should pay them a visit again sometime. Are you in So CA?

04-10-2017, 6:14 AM
check them out on instagram at tjbrutalcustoms or www.shoptjbc.com