View Full Version : Nighthawk 450 Clean Cafe/Tracker

02-05-2017, 11:53 PM
Finally getting some ambitions for my projects. Decided that I would try killing a couple of birds with one deadline. My Nighthawk for my lady. My Sportster for me. I want them both to be on the road by the end of April, and get some fire under under me. I also opened up a similar thread over on the hondatwins forum to get in touch with the gurus over there.


We've been conceptualizing for weeks on the Honda for her, and we finally wheeled it in out of the cold. Decided to start off with the Nighthawk. We're gonna work on the Honda together for sure!


Anyway she ripped off the tank and we tested some fitment and aesthetics of other tanks I had laying around from a parts rescue last year.



These are the most well liked. She's a little worried that the blue one would look kinda goofy because of how short it is, but I'm fairly confident that we can make it look pretty snazzy. Any thoughts?

I would like to ask about structural concerns on this backbone. None of the tanks have the big hog of a tunnel for that monster frame piece.


The idea I've come up with is to slim down the bulge by a total of 1/4" by shaving each side of it 1/4" and boxing it back up with 1/8". Any concerns structurally?

She's also decided on a flat tracker kind of seat in brown. For the rear I want to make an inner fender out of sheet metal that will basically follow the contour of the original plastic inner.

Thanks for checking it out, I'll post some more when we have some more!